All western governments publicly declare their support for family, for family values, but in fact, despite their public declarations of support, there are fewer and fewer families, and more and more divorces.  Why?  Are the governments lying? Are the governments in fact supporting family break-ups and divorces? If so why?   Isn’t family good for the country? Isn’t family good for the economy?

The fact is that in the long run, a strong family is good for the country and for the economy.  But the hidden superrich, who from the background control the economies of the developed countries are NOT interested in long term stability and prosperity, they are interested in short-term profits.  How do they profit from family break-ups and divorces?

Example: John Superrich owns everything in Happy Village. All the houses, apartments, grocery store, hardware store, etc.  There are 80 happy families in Happy Village.  They all work for Mr John Superrich, and they all rent apartments from Mr John Superrich.  While all the people are happy, Mr Superrich is not.   He has 100 apartments and only 80 are rented.  His hardware store has unsold fridges and stoves, and the sales in his grocery store are stagnant.  He would like to increase his sales, but since the population in Happy Village is stagnant, he can’t.

The only way he can increase his sales and his profits, and at the same time fill all of his apartments is if he could somehow break up and find a girl on https://www.and6.com/.  Then those 20 broken families would need 40 apartments instead of 20, he could sell 20 more fridges and 20 more stoves.  He could also increase the sales in his grocery store (divorced people don’t eat more, but they buy as much as they would buy for the whole family, and then throw away the rest).  So if Mr John Superrich could break up 20 families, he would fill up all of his apartments and icrease his sales and profits.

But the people of Happy Village don’t want to divorce.  The men want to keep their families and children together, and the women are afraid that if they divorced they might loose their children to the fathers.  After all the courts and judges of Happy Village are just and fair, and they give the children to the better parent, be it the man or the woman. So Mr John Superrich invents “women’s liberation”.  While the men are busy working to support their beloved families, the women are bored, loafing around, drinking coffee and gossipping.  Since they have nothing better to do, while their men are woking, they like to listen to stories how men are exploiting them and cheating them out of money.  No they don’t want to work, they are too lazy for that, but they could use more money.  So when Mr Joun Superrich tells them about money they listen.  And they organize and demonstrate against the judges.  Since the judges don’t want to loose their jobs, they always decide everything in their favour.

Do western governments support the family. Answer: clearly no. Divorced families are good for the profits of the superrich, and the increase consumption looks good for the economy. So while the families suffer, the superrich and the taxmen are laughing.